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myHana Condition Management Platform (CMP)

Chronic conditions are often accompanied by numerous other conditions. Though many of the complications are medical, family caregivers and patients alike are also confronted with legal and financial matters.  Health issues that may also affect other family members. Our Health Advocate Navigation Assistant (Hana)  has been designed as a total solution for addressing each and every pain point that a chronic condition brings to an individual and their family. We will soon release what we believe to be the most robust care management platform for consumer health. Hana modular design gives you the ability to manage both primary and secondary conditions as well as multiple teams of stakeholders to drive better adherence, consistent collaboration and communication resulting in improved outcome for our members and those they care for.  We believe the amount of time and effort spent in Hana's development has been worth the wait.  Stay tuned. Visit for more information. 

Discover Best in Class Products and Services 

It is getting increasingly harder to stay abreast of the incredible advances in healthcare. In particular, Digital health products and services that can positively impact you and those you care for are entering the market at an incredible rate. Being a caregiver and caring for your entire family is a full-time job. We all have someone in the family with a chronic condition and more often than not families are dealing with multiple chronic conditions. Research show us that the healthier and better educated a family caregiver is, the better the outcomes.  Not only does CCA deliver solutions that address emotional, communal, educational and financial stress, we are bolstering our team with industry professionals to help identify a portfolio of cutting edge digital health care products and services that improve the health and wellness of the entire family ecosystem. Virtual products save time and money. Virtual products deliver care straight to the home and simplify data collection. Remember we are advocates for you and your family. Better family health starts with you.

Family Caregivers helping their Community 

While Earning a Part-time Income

More than 10 million unpaid caregivers in the US are vastly underserved. They suffer from multiple pain points including emotional, financial, communal an educational stress.  We believe that it is unacceptable to overlook the hardships of today's family caregivers. CCA has developed an innovative platform which will soon gift family caregivers a stronger voice as well as an opportunity to partake in developing solutions that support their communities. 

We believe the best solutions for a community are developed within that community. Empowering family caregivers to have a voice and having them partake in developing solutions to their pain points is a vital aspect of our company's initiative. Our network of wisdom caregivers will act as a liaison between the communities they serve and those within our organization dedicated to the cause of the underserved communities. This caregiver relationship will clearly give us the opportunity to identify problems and develop relevant solutions.

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