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CoFounders Diane and Nick Garofolo

Our Story is your Story

When my husband Nick lost his left eye at the age of 12 to multiple retinal detachments he surmised that he was in for a lifetime of inconvenience. When he eventually started losing the sight in his remaining eye at the age of 32, I discovered that managing a chronic condition was a full-time job. 


No matter how successful our careers had been, we were not prepared for the stress that accompanies full-time family caregiving. When we started researching options, we discovered that family caregivers were being ignored and that was unacceptable to us and so began the quest to create a paradigm shift in the lives of 43,000,000 Americans.


Today, over 30 years later, we are humbled to present Chronic Care Advocates to the world. 

Diane Garofolo, Co-Founder & Co-Chair

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