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We engage, educate, and empower family caregivers and those they care for. 


About Chronic Care Advocates (CCA)

We are creating a healthcare experience that is centered around an engaged consumer, efficient and empathetic delivery system powered by an innovative platform.

We believe CCA will be the world's first transformative mentoring, marketing, sales, and distribution channel for consumer health products & services, that is populated by the world’s most knowledgeable, trusted, and embedded caregivers. 

Our purpose is very simple, to reduce the financial, emotional, educational, and communal stresses that can negatively impact our member’s lives. 

The Problem

There are 43,000,000 Family Caregivers in the United States. 
The Problem


Over 60% are diagnosed as at risk


Over 37% gave up a job to become a caregiver to a family member


The Average Annual Out of Pocket Expenses are Over $7,000

Our Solution 

myHana Condition Management Platform (CMP)

Our proprietary Digital Solution, myHana, provides the constant, collaborative, connected care that family caregivers need for themselves and those they care for.

Discover Best in Class Products and Services 

CCA helps improve the lives of caregivers by identifying cutting-edge digital tools, products, and services that address caregiver pain points.

Reduced Rates for Legal and Financial Planning 

CCA has partnered with Special Needs Certified Financial Planners and Lawyers to produce independent future packages at reduced rates.

Family Caregivers helping their Community 

While Earning a Part-time Income

CCA's sales, mentoring, marketing and distribution channel is designed to progressively engage and empower the chronic condition communities it serves, we are purposed to inject intellectual, and financial capital back into these communities. 

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